24. - 27.10.2019

Karhuhalli, Pori


Table Hockey: Insomnia XXI Ranking

Game: STIGA Pöytäjääkiekko Starts: Sat, Oct 26th 2019, 08:45 EEST Ends: Sat, Oct 26th 2019, 17:30 EEST

In this an advanced level tournament you can challenge the best table hockey players in Finland.

The tournament will be played in three stages:

1. Basic groups: Players will play against each other in the same group (round robin). The group size is 13-22, and there will be 2-3 groups. One match will take exactly 5 minutes without overtimes.

2. Final group and divisions: Players will be seeded to a final group and divisions (1-2 divisions) according to their performance in the basic groups. A round robin will be played in each group.

3. Playoffs: The best 8 players will qualify to the playoffs (best of 7). There will also be playoffs for top 4 veterans (born 1980 or earlier) and top 4 juniors (born 2002 or later).

Ladies tournament will be played as soon as all of the ladies have finished their earlier games.

The games start at 9:00 and the tournament should be over by 17:30. However, it is possible to play a "light version" of the tournament by participating to the basic groups only. They should end by 11:30.

Please register in advance at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc74gY4RJIcJtmXkDm27TkJ_deFhwgRmGgpXH3JArJlEjDZLg/viewform . You can also register on site on Friday, unless the tournament is full.

This tournament is open for everyone so beginners are more than welcome here as well. For a beginner-only tournament, check "Table Hockey: Insomnia XXI Shootout" that is played on Friday at 20:00

The tournament details are subject to change.

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