24. - 27.10.2019

Karhuhalli, Pori


SAMK AI Hackaton

SAMK AI Hackaton

Hackaton @ Insomnia is back with more tech to get excited about than ever! Join us to learn the possibilities of Machine Vision and AI and how to code it to obey your will. You can join two different tracks based on your coding expriense. 

The two tracks are:

a) Pro - two day long hackaton, starting friday morning, ends Saturday afternoon. Some coding skills are needed since you will get to play with actual code. Prizes await for the best creation. 

b) Casual - one day hackaton to innovate how to utilize mobile phone + machine vision. Prizes await for the best idea. 

The Pro track starts 10am SHARP on Friday. We will start with a workshop on how to play and use the code and what tools you'll have. This workshop is ran by AI guru Jussi Bergman from SAMK, so you should definitely be there! Casual track starts with a similar workshop, with less coding, on Saturday morning 10am. 

You can also drop in at any time to play a game (with your family as well) on how to teach a machine. 

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SAMK AI Hackaton (Casual) 26.10.2019
SAMK AI Hackaton (Pro) 25.10.2019

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